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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Anything But White!

Today was one of those days where many many little things didn't go so well. One of which was not getting home from work till almost 5 pm. But this blog is about the good things.

So, hey! The snow is actually and finally melting bigtime.

It was warm enough and golden-lit enough that the birds came out at sunset and tried to do a little singing. Here's a robin. Nothing spectacular, but I'll take it!

robin in a mulberry tree

And the cloud cover lifted a bit too, allowing us to have a nice pastel sunset.

pale orange sunset

Two more work shifts and I'm done! Can you believe that? Have I actually announced this here? I can't seem to find that I did. I'm officially going to be a writer, and no more wrestling bundles of papers around. Leaving Monday on a trip. SO much to do before then...

In other news: I didn't accomplish a single thing after I got home, and I'm going to bed early. So there.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

April Handbells

Sunday we played handbells, but I hadn't had a chance yet to process the videos. Here we go!

First is This Is My Father's World. It's one of my favorite hymns. It would be better if there wasn't someone talking near the camera for half the song, but- sigh- I can't seem to make the world acquiesce to my wishes.

Second, we played a rather complex medley called Reflections of Peace. You should be able to hear themes from It Is Well With My Soul, Peace Like a River and Dona, Nobis, Pacem in it.

I like sharing these with you, but sorry it took a while. The actual editing to trim the ends and add a title goes really fast, but it takes quite a bit of time to convert the files from the format my camera records. Then the software creates a working file- more time. Then it takes time to save a good copy, and more time to upload to YouTube. I can do other things during all this wait time, but I do have to have the time to let all these pieces do their thing.

In other news: work, delivered books, knitting, a little writing.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

That's a Wrap (or 64)

My big project of today was making sandwich wraps to go with the cookies I made on Sunday. Tomorrow is the day I'm saying "thanks for the memories" to all the folks at work. This isn't enough to fill everyone up, but hopefully a few people will bring something else.

sandwich wraps

By the time I finished I made 7 different kinds. I'll cut them in smaller pieces tomorrow when they are served.

sandwich wraps

The first ones look like they have more stuff, but the wraps were smaller. I couldn't get whole wheat in the big size.

sandwich wraps

And here's the whole pile, cookies and wraps. Believe it or not, I got all the wraps in the fridge without having to leave out other things. That's a major victory with this smaller refrigerator.

sandwich wraps and cookies in plastic tubs

Now I just have to wash some trays to take and the dishes. Omer's going to help me put it all out and cut them into smaller pieces at the right time.

In other news: handbell practice, license tab for car, picked up the cases of books from UPS. That's all except for 64 wraps which included two trips to the store.

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Monday, April 16, 2018

More Cousin Jean- 1950 Style

You don't want to see more snow. Me neither. So here's some ancient history. This was prompted because Cousin Jean posted a picture on Facebook of a painting of an historic house in Farmingdale, Long Island, NY. It has been recently named an historic site, with a plaque, because the woman who lived there was an early suffragette. So Jean was talking about visiting there as a child.

Whoa! Suddenly I realized what house this was. I'd been there too, and you've seen one picture from there on this blog at Cousin Helen.

So I went into a flurry of scanning pictures, because my scanner now works right (hallelujah!). I posted a bunch of those pictures on FB. But on the other side of the same scrapbook page... Jean's family visited my family maybe a month before the Long Island trip. It was also almost exactly 68 years ago. That's scary.

I was just turning two and Jean was only a few months behind. I'm on the left and Jean is on the right.

cousins 1950

Everyone posed on the front steps of our house. I guess Mom took the picture. Left is Dad, Ray F. Leary holding me. Next is Granny- Emily M. Rowe, and beside her is Cousin Helen (sister to Jean's dad). Then we have Nan- Jean's mom, and her dad George Kilquist holding Jean. Nan is still alive.

family photo 1950

Next we have dads and daughters. Check out the car! 1940s something. Guesses or knowledge welcome.

cousins and fathers 1950

Girls with George. PS. I still have the wagon. I left the background intact because you can see our row of iris coming up and the dark peonies behind them leafing out. That was a nice flower garden come May. The fenceline beyond the flowers is beside the Lehigh Valley railroad tracks.

cousins 1950

Finally, the picture with the best clarity is of Jean's family. Helen, George, Nan and Jean.

family photo 1950

Fun times. I don't remember this day at all, but it sure looks like we were having a good time.

In other news: spent the whole day doing paperwork and bookkeeping and stuff like that.

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Cookies and Cream (Sort of)


Lots of cookies to say thank you to my workmates on Wednesday. Yes, they are good. I tested. (One more piece of this project to do yet.)


Other than that, ugly weather- but it's the color of cream. Snow, hail, ice. Still waiting for spring. I guess the good news is that the fruit trees aren't blooming too soon. Maybe it will be a great fruit year!

snowy road

Last week at work coming up- don't expect me to cry. haha

Handbells this morning. Maybe videos tomorrow. Didn't get them processed yet.

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